Fried Rice
Green Island Fried Rice  10.50
Vegetable fried rice

Nami Shrimp Fried Rice   12.95

Yangchow Fried Rice   12.95
Combination fried rice

Chicken Fried Rice   10.95
Ocean Treasure Fried Rice   16.95
Fried rice with scallops, shrimp, pine seeds, and seaweed

Lobster Fried Rice   19.00

Thai Fried Rice   13.50
Shrimp, chicken, and beef with onion, scallion, basil, tomato, and egg
Beef Chow Fun   13.50
Rice noodles sauteed with sliced beef, bean sprouts, scallions, and onions

House Ramen   12.95

Pad Thai  13.95
Shrimp, chicken, rice noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, ground peanuts, and egg Thai style

Chicken Lo Mein   10.95
Nami Yaki Udon  13.95
Udon noodles stir fried with jumbo shrimp, chicken, and vegetables

Singapore Rice Noodles   12.50
Curry flavored stir fried  rice noodles with roast pork and shrimp

Udon Noodles   9.50
With chicken, snow peas and black mushrooms in broth
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